Lao Zi by Yang Shu'an (roman)

Lao Zi by Yang Shu'an (roman)

Title: Lao Zi

Subtitle: A novel based on the life of the author of Dao De Jing

Author: Yang Shu'an

ISBN 10: 7507103528

ISBN 13: 978-7507103526

Language: English

Publisher: Panda Books

Subject: Biography, historical roman

Place of publication: China

Year Published: 1997

Binding: Paperback

Number of Pages: 340

Dimensions (mm): 202 x 140 x 12 (7.8 x 5.4 x 0.5 inches)

Shipping Weight (g): 250 (8.8 ounces)

Full Description:

Probably no one except Confucius has exerted greater influence over Chinese minds throughout history than the philosopher Lao Zi, who is considered the founder of the naturalistic, quietistic philosophy known as Taoism. Born around 570 B.C. in the Spring and Autumn Period in the State of Chen (present-day Henan Province) under a plum ("li" in Chinese) tree and of extremely long ears ("er"), he was named Li Er, and grew up to become an archivist at the imperial court of the Zhou Dynasty. During his lifetime he advocated "softness, quietude and non-existence", and it was he from whom his younger contemporary Confucius humbly sought advice. He eventually abandoned the imperial court, journeying westward and writing the 5,000-odd word Dao De Jing (The Way and Its Virtue), which explores metaphysics, psychology, ethics and socio-political theories, centring upon the concept of the Tao. Here, Yang Shu'an, a prolific novelist of historical subjects, presents a life-like portrayal of an ancient Chinese thinker through vivid description of his spirit, behaviour, activities, thoughts, and personality. The author's characterization provides a profound understanding of Lao Zi, and the reader may develop a perspective from which to view the forces at work in the formation of ancient Chinese culture, and to decipher some of the cultural background to ancient Chinese history.

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