The Elements of C++ Style by Trevor Misfeldt; Gregory Bumgardner; Andrew Gray

The Elements of C++ Style by Trevor Misfeldt; Gregory Bumgardner; Andrew Gray

Authors: Trevor Misfeldt, Centerspace, Oregon; Gregory Bumgardner; Andrew Gray, IntelliChem Inc.

ISBN-10: 0521893089

ISBN-13: 9780521893084

Language: English

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Genre/Subject: C++ (Computer program language), Programming, Object-Oriented Design

Place of publication: USA

Year Published: February 16, 2004

Edition: 1 edition

Binding: Paperback

Number of Pages: 192 pages

Dimensions (mm): 177 x 115 x 11 mm

Shipping Weight (g): 200 g


The Elements of C++ Style, first published in 2004, is for all C++ practitioners, especially for those working in teams where consistency is critical. Just as Strunk and White's The Elements of Style provides rules of usage for writing in the English language, this text furnishes a set of rules for writing in C++. The authors offer a collection of standards and guidelines for creating solid C++ code that will be easy to understand, enhance and maintain. The book provides conventions for: formatting naming  documentation  programming  and packaging for the latest ANSI standard of C++, and also includes discussion of advanced topics such as templates.
 Ideal for software developers working in teams
 Provides style rules for writing C++ code
 Same format as the immensely popular Elements of Java Style



Preface vii

Introduction 1

 General principles 4

 Formatting conventions 7

 Naming conventions 17

 Documentation conventions 29

 Programming principles 41

 Programming conventions 58

 Packaging conventions 141

Summary 151

Glossary 161

Bibliography 171

Index 173



'The expansion of each entry is well done and from time to time extra bonus information nestles either in the main text or in a footnote … There are a few experts who would find nothing new in this book, but most of the rest of us would benefit from it … Buy a copy …' Francis Glassborow, CVu

'The Elements of Java Style is perfect in what it tries to achieve. Each rule is sensible, hardly any are debatable, and there is no excuse for ignoring any of them.' JavaZone Book of the Week

'If you teach C++, I recommend you mention this book to your students. If you manage a group of C++ programmers, you should acquire one or more copies of this book, and circulate them among your people. If you manage a technical library, you should add this book to it … contains a great deal of good advice … In summary, this will be a good addition to a C++ programmer's library.' Computing Reviews

'It offers 175 pithy C++ style tips, covering everything from naming conventions to thread safety. The book would be most useful for development teams that want to use it as a resource for creating their own style guides.' Computing Reviews


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The Elements of C++ Style by Trevor Misfeldt; Gregory Bumgardner; Andrew Gray